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Responding to "13 Reasons Why"

The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," based on a popular novel by the same name, is raising concerns for suicide prevention experts.
In the series, 17 year old Hannah Baker, leaves behind a series of audio tapes explaining why she completed suicide.  Experts are concerned
that the series glamorizes suicide and places vulnerable youth at risk.  If there are youth in your life who are watching this series, reach out
to them, offering hope and support.  Give them a clear message that there is more than one solution to every problem...even the largest, most
painful or degrading problem. Voice understanding that when things seem hopeless, suicide can seem like the only option, but that it is never
the solution.  Reassure them that you are dedicated to helping them find an alternative solution.

The National Association of School Psychologists, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) and the JED Foundation have prepared some
talking points and resources for parents and educators who are concerned about their children and youth.  You can find these resources at the
links below.  Please contact the Diocesan Child Protection Office at 308-382-6565 or cpo@gidiocese.org if you have questions or concerns.

13 Reasons Why Netflix Series:  Considerations for Educators

13 Reasons Why Talking Points

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Porn-Proofing our Families

Parenting with Authentic Love:  Porn-Proofing our Families, West Nebraska Register, coming soon

The Problem of Pornography

Create in Me A Clean Heart:  A Pastoral Response to Pornography

The Catholic Church and Pornography: 4 Quick Insights from Catholic Bishops

Fight the New Drug - The History of Porn & the New Anti-Porn Movement Pornography and Addiction - Fight the New Drug

How Porn Use Becomes an Addiction - Protect Young Minds

10 Socking Stats about Teens and Pornography

What's the Most Convincing Argument Against Porn:?  Science.  - Catholic News Service

The Essential Reason Pornography is Wrong


How to warn  Kids about Porn

3 Secrets to Porn-Immune Kids

Theology of the Body Evangelization Team - TOBET

Ascension Press - Theology of the Body for Teens

The Chastity Project

Faith and Safety

CMG Connect - A Safe Haven Starts at Home

Archdiocese of Omaha

Monitoring Resources

​Covenant Eyes

K-9 Web Protection

Help for Addiction

​Archdiocese of Omaha - PATH

My House - Archdiocese of Kansas City

Integrity Restored

The Porn Effect


Gratitude in Ordinary Time

Help your children grow an attitude of gratitude.  Gratitude is not only a virtue and an integral part of our lives as Eucharistic people, scientific research suggests that maintaining an attitude of gratitude contributes to health and happiness.  For more resources on fostering an attitude of gratitude in your family, check out the following resources:

Parenting with Authentic Love:  Gratitude in Ordinary Time, West Nebraska Register, January 2017

7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude That Will Motivate You to Give Thanks Year-Round

A One-Minute Gratitude Jump Start

10 Ways to Raise a Grateful Kid

How to Teach Kids Gratitude in Times of Plenty

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude

Six Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

Stuhr Museum Fantasy of Trees Exhibit

Visit the Stuhr Museum Fantasy of Trees Exhibit November 27, 2016 -January 4, 2017 and cast your vote for Authentic Love, the Diocesan Child Protection Office tree. 

True Love is not what popular culture leads us to believe it is.  True—authentic love is a total gift of self that is life-long and life-giving.

FREE Authentic love is  freely given for the good of another.  It is not free in the sense of  freedom from commitment  - “no strings attached.”  But it is free from coercion, game-playing and manipulation.  It is unconditional.

TOTAL  Authentic love is a total gift of self —100%  for the good of another.  Authentic love doesn’t see people as objects to be used or consumed, but    cherishes the whole person.

FAITHFUL  Authentic love is faithful, committed, unending.  It has as it’s focus goodness and truth and leads self and others on a life– long journey toward God.

FRUITFUL Authentic love is life -giving.  It is the core of the   family, resulting in the creation of life and fostering of growth and development.

Let love be sincere; hate what is evil, hold on to what is good; love one another with mutual affection; anticipate one another in showing honor.  Romans 12:9-10

Best Use of Recycled Materials - Diocese of Grand Island

The Diocese of Grand Island Authentic Love tree was awarded "Best Use of Recycled Materials" in the Stuhr Museum Fantasy of Trees Exhibit.  To learn more about the qualities of Authentic Love that inspired these tree decorations check out these great resources:

Authentic Love Bookmarks

What is Theology of the Body?

Love 101:  Back to the Basics

Pamphlet - English Spanish

10 Surprising Tips for Love the Culture Won't Tell You

Pamphlet - English Spanish
For Your Marriage

John Paul II Theology of the Body

Catholic Education Resource Center

What is Theology of the Body?  Video

Theology of the Body Evangelization Team

Ascension Press - Theology of the Body Programs

The Chastity Project  
Theology of His Body / Theology of Her Body
Choosing God's Love Video
A Letter to Women Video

Theology of the Body and the Single Life
Mary Beth Bonacci Video
The Catholic Girl's Survival Guide for the Single Years Video

View other award winning trees at: 


Parenting with Authentic Love

Regardless of our individual vocation (marriage, holy orders, consecrated life, single life), we all share a common vocation.  We are all called to the vocation of love and communion.  We are called to love God and to love others.  In his life and ministry, Jesus gave us the perfect example of authentic love:  A sacrificial, fruitful, gift of self.  Our fundamental vocation is to self-giving, fruitful love in imitation of the Lord.

With very few exceptions, parents love their children.  Most parents would be willing, in the example of Christ, to lay down their lives for their children.  But it can be a challenge to determine what authentic love looks like in day to day parenting.  When the task at hand is not life or death, but one of many seemingly insignificant choices parents face every single day, what does it look like to parent with authentic love?

For more information on parenting with authentic love, follow the West Nebraska Register column, Parenting with Authentic Love.  This series examines parenting within the context of our call to the vocation of love and communion, examining some of the toughest issues faced by parents today through the lens of authentic love.

Parenting with Authentic Love
  West Nebraska Register, September 23, 2016, page 5

Parenting with Authentic Love Part 2:  Behold Your Mother 
West Nebraska Register, October 28, 2016, page 5

Parenting with Authentic Love Part 3:  Joseph and the Vocation of Protector  West Nebraska Register, November 25, 2016, page 5

Display a Tree at Your Parish

If you are interested in displaying CPO tree decorations with a Right Relationship theme at your parish, or if you would like instructions to create ornaments with the "Uniquely and Specially Created" theme for your parish or school, please contact the diocesan Child Protection Office cpo@gidiocese.org .   Instructions for the Uniquely and Specially Created Tree and bookmarks that detail the message of each tree's theme are available at the links below.

Uniquely and Specially Created Ornament Instructions

Small Beaded Ornament    Large Beaded Ornament     Tube Art Snowflake    God Made Me Ornament / Labels  

Created in God's Image Ornament Labels    Rhinestone ornament 

Uniquely and Specially Created Bookmarks

"Kids Need Good Fruit"


Kids Need Good Fruit Bookmarks


SSNRS Bookmarks Purple Hands Pledge Bookmarks  
Take the Pledge   Respect Responsibility and Caring

The Golden Rule Bookmarks White as Snow Bookmarks

Uniquely and Specially Created Bookmarks

 Respect Life Month in the Year of Mercy

Good works are worth repeating....the "Child Abuse Prevention Month in the Year of Mercy" calendar has been revised for October's Respect Life Month.   Click the link below to download the pdf.

Respect Life Month in the Year of Mercy Calendar

Continuing Education Sessions:  Creating an Environment of Authentic Love
Creating an Environment of Authentic Love is the new Safe Environment Continuing Education session for this year.  Sesions will begin in parishes in the fall.  Plan to attend this informative session that will assist you in living our universal calling to the vocation of love and communion.     The Diocesan Child Protection Office will be presenting this CE at the following locations this fall:
Greeley, Sacred Heart:   Wednesday, August 31, 2016 7 pm
North Platte, Holy Spirit:   Wednesday, September 7, 2016 6 pm
Bridgeport, All Souls:   Sunday, September 11, 2016 pm following 10:30 am Mass
Afternoon SEC Workshop 

SEC Workshops
Summer workshops for Parish Safe Environment Coordinators are now in session!  

North Platte, Holy Spirit:  June 20, 2016 10am - 3 pm

Alliance, Holy Rosary:  June 21, 2016:  10 am - 3 pm

Valentine, St. Nicholas, June 29, 2016; 10 am - 3 pm

Kearney, St. James, June 30, 2016; 10 am - 3 pm

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Mass for Healing and Reparation

April 5, 2016 5:15 PM,

Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Celebrant:  Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt


April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Pinwheels for Prevention  Why pinwheels? 

Poster PDF

Learn how to recognize signs of abuse and how to get help for victims (
http://bit.ly/1wXLj4x). Pray with us for healing and wholeness for those harmed by abuse (http://bit.ly/1FxfmkL).


Abril es el Mes Nacional para la Prevención del Maltrato Infantil. Aprende a reconocer las señales de maltrato y la manera de ayudar a las víctimas (solo en inglés: http://bit.ly/1wXLj4x). Ora con nosotros por la sanación y la integridad de aquellos que han sufrido maltratos (http://bit.ly/1FxfmkL).

Child Abuse Prevention Month in the Year of Mercy

This year is the Holy Year of Mercy.  In his Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Misericordiae Vultus, Pope Francis states:

Let us open our eyes and see the misery of the world, the wounds of our brothers and sisters who are denied their dignity, and let us recognize that we are compelled to heed their cry for help! May we reach out to them and support them so they can feel the warmth of our presence, our friendship, and our fraternity! May their cry become our own…

It is my burning desire that, during this Jubilee, the Christian people may reflect on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy… Let us rediscover these corporal works of mercy: to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the stranger, heal the sick, visit the imprisoned, and bury the dead. And let us not forget the spiritual works of mercy: to counsel the doubtful, instruct the ignorant, admonish sinners, comfort the afflicted, forgive offences, bear patiently those who do us ill, and pray for the living and the dead.

Pope Francis, Misericordiae Vultus.

Merciful like the Father is the motto of this holy year.  Please use these materials to consider how to carry out the corporal and spiritual works of mercy during Child Abuse Prevention Month.

These materials are intended as a resource and may be used in various ways:

  •         Include the calendar in your parish bulletin or newsletter.
  •         Challenge your volunteers and staff  to make a commitment to practicing works of mercy throughout the month.
  •          Encourage youth to practice works of mercy during the month, either independently or in class activities.

Matthew Kelly has a good introduction to service and practicing the works of mercy in the Decision Point Confirmation program.  (Section 11.4)   You can find the text or video at:   http://dynamiccatholic.com/confirmation/view-program/session-11/


Child Abuse Prevention Month in the Year of Mercy Calendar pdf


Additional Resources

In 2002, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops set forth the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People to guide the coordinated effort of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States in preventing the sexual abuse of children and healing those who were abused by clergy.  In the years since 2002, this coordinated effort has reached far beyond the initial goals and purpose of the Charter.  Efforts of Catholic Dioceses and Eparchies to provide safe environments for children and outreach to victims of abuse have resulted in the widespread education of not only Catholic clergy and laity, but the communities where every parish, school, and program are located.  Since 2002, over 2 million volunteers and staff who work with children and youth have been educated in the signs of abuse, how to report abuse, and how to create safe environments for children and youth.  Over 5 million children and youth have been educated in the qualities of right relationships, signs of abusive relationships, and how to seek help.  The Catholic Church has done much to advance child abuse prevention efforts in the last decade, and you can be very proud of your role in this.   Below you will find a number of links to information that will help you join in the nationwide efforts of other organizations who have been working in child abuse prevention for decades.

Child Abuse Prevention Month 2016 Materials

Blue Ribbon Ideas:

  • Wear a Blue Ribbon during Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Build a Blue Ribbon Tree

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children 

Blue Sunday  

  • Day of Prayer for Abused Children April 24, 2016

Prayer and Blessings

  • Consider devoting one of your Lenten Stations of the Cross to prayer for Children who experience Abuse
  • Lead a rosary for Healing and Protection
  • Ask your pastor to provide a special blessing for all those in your parish who have completed SE Training and assist the Parish in Creating Safe Environments for our Children

Pray for 100 Project

April is child abuse prevention month.  Each year in our country, as many as 900,000 children and youth are abused.  In 2012, as we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Diocese of Grand Island we initiated the Prayer for 100 Children Project during Child Abuse Prevention Month.  In our diocese there are over 9,000 children, youth, and adult leaders.  If we all made the commitment this year to pray for 100 children during the month of April all 900,000 children would be remembered in prayer. In 2012, children and youth across the diocese made a commitment to pray for 100 children and created prayer rock reminders.                                                                 

If you, your parish or your school would like to participate in the "Pray for 100" project" you may download materials from the following link, or contact the Diocese of Grand Island Child Protection office at            



Spotlight on....What the Church is Doing to Prevent Abuse

Our Journey Since 2002...A Story that's Not in the SPOTLIGHT

Coming this month to a theater near you is an award winning drama, “Spotlight.”  The movie tells the story of the spotlight team – the team of investigative reporters at the Boston Globe, who wrote about the sexual abuse of children by clergy in the Roman Catholic Church.  The movie tells the story of a dark point in history, prior to 2002.  What is not in the spotlight, is the story of our journey since 2002.  Read more...

SCYP Resources



Thank You, You’re Grand                   

Thank you to the Grand Theater for allowing the Diocese of Grand Island Child Protection Office to provide information to movie goers who attended the Spotlight Movie February 5, 6, and 7th.  Concerned that individuals viewing the film may leave the theater in despair, unaware of what has been done since 2002 to protect children from abuse and promote healing; we asked permission to provide information to patrons of the theater during the showing of the movie Spotlight.  Thanks to their openness  to our request, around 250 individuals received information about what the Catholic Church is doing to prevent abuse and promote healing in our diocese and nationwide; and how to contact our victim assistance ministry if they have questions, concerns, or need support.  Kudos to the Grand Theater for supporting freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and support of children in our community…..You are truly Grand.

SEC Workshops
The diocesan Office of Child Protection is offering workshops for parish, school, and program Safe Environment Coordinators.  Workshops will feature the continuing education  for 2015 / 2016

Dates are as follows:

  • Grand Island, (Blessed Sacrament or GICC)- Monday, June 15, 2015
  • Alliance, Holy Rosary- Wednesday, June 17, 2015
  • Broken Bow, St. Joseph's - Thursday, June 18, 2015
  • North Platte, Sandhills Convention Center - Friday, September 11, 2015

For more information contact cpo@gidiocese.org.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
The theme of the Diocesan Child Protection Office entry in the Grand Island Stuhr Museum's Fantasy of Trees Exhibit last year was "A Light in the Darkness."  The tree featured ornaments crafted from recycled materials and included violence-prevention strategies. Decorations for this tree or previous CPO trees are available for use in your parish or Catholic School.  Contact the Diocesan Child Protection office for more information.  cpo@gidiocese

 Trees on display in 2014:

  • "Purple Hands Pledge" - Holy Spirit North Platte
  • "Kids Need Good Fruit"  - St. Mary's Nenzel
  • "Love is..." - St. Luke's Ogallala
  • "Love is..." - Prince of Peace Kearney
  • "White as Snow" - St. Bridget's Hemingford
  • "The Golden Rule" - Spalding Academy  
  • "Uniquely and Specially Created" - St. Patrick's Sidney

If you would like instructions to create ornaments with the "Uniquely and Specially Created" theme for your parish or school, please contact the diocesan Child Protection Office cpo@gidiocese.org  for instructions and bookmarks that detail the message of the theme.

Uniquely and Specially Created Ornament Instructions

Small Beaded Ornament    Large Beaded Ornament     Tube Art Snowflake    God Made Me Ornament / Labels  

Created in God's Image Ornament Labels    Rhinestone ornament

Uniquely and Specially Created Bookmarks

"Kids Need Good Fruit"


Kids Need Good Fruit Bookmarks

SSNRS Bookmarks Purple Hands Pledge Bookmarks  
Take the Pledge   Respect Responsibility and Caring

The Golden Rule Bookmarks White as Snow Bookmarks

Uniquely and Specially Created Bookmarks

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